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Free Download Busy Accounting Software In Nepal

Busy Accounting Software in Nepal. BUSY is an integrated Business Accounting Software for Small and Medium Businesses. With over 100,000 installations (over 5 Lac Users) in Nepal, India and 25 more countries BUSY & is the leading accounting software in INDIA.

accounting software

General Features

  • Completely Codeless.
  • Multi-Company Accounting.
  • Context-Sensitive on- Line Help.
  • Option for adding Images & Notes in Account & Item Masters.
  • Flexible Voucher Numberin.
  • Multiple Voucher series For each voucher type.
  • Voucher entry while viewing reports and vice-versa.
  • User-definable Optional Fields in Masters and Vouchers.
  • Unlimited Level of Grouping of Accounts,Items,Materials Centres and Cost Centres.
  • Draft Mode Printing For every Report and Document.
  • Voucher Cancellation.
  • Powerful Query system.
  • SOL Query Executor.
  • Print Preview.
  • Birds Eye View of Accounts.
  • Landscape Mode Printing.

Multi Location Inventory

  • All books of Inventory.
  • Stock Status (Multi-Location).
  • Sales / Purchase Challans.
  • Columnar Inventory Registers (Configurable).
  • Stock valuation on Multiple Methods.
  • Separate Stock Valuation Method for each Item.
  • Stock Ageing Analysis.
  • Allocation of Expenses to Items.
  • Item Serial No. Tracking.
  • Automatic Round-off in Vouchers.
  • Primary and Alternate Unit for each Item.
  • Batch-wise Inventory with Expiry Date.
  • Provision for Free Qty in inventory vouchers.
  • Provision for entering sales / Purchase return in sales / Purchase Vouchers.
  • Production / Un-assemble.
  • BOM / Production Planning.
  • Critical Level Reporting.
  • Dairy / Monthly Summaries of Items and Item Groups.
  • Multiple Price-list for Items.
  • Multiple Price structure (Party / Qty / Category-wise).
  • Provision to update item Prices on various Criterion.

Financial Accounting

  • All books of Accounting & final Results.
  • Balance Sheet with various Schedules.
  • Columnar Account Registers ( Configurable).
  • Daily / Monthly Summaries of Accounts, Groups and cost centres.
  • Bill-wise Outstanding with Ageing Analysis.
  • Payment Reminder Letters (Configurable).
  • Statement of Account (Configurable).
  • Handling of Post-dated Cheques.
  • Royalty Calculation.
  • Interest Calculation (Multiple Slabs Based on Amt. & Days).
  • Bank Interest Calculation.
  • Bank Re-conciliation.
  • Depreciation Chart (As per Companies Act / IT Act).
  • Multi-Currency Accounting.
  • Broker-wise Reporting.
  • Cost Centre-wise Reporting.

Sales Tax Report

  • Sales Tax Forms Receivables / Issuables.
  • Sales Tax Forms Reminder letters.
  • Forms Received / Issued Register.
  • Sales Tax / Purchase Tax Summary.
  • Sales Tax Surcharge.
  • Sales Tax Registers.

User Configurable Invoicing

  • Fully User-configurable.
  • Use Plain / Pre-printed Stationery.
  • Option for Fonts, Colors & Logos.
  • Option to Print Outer Box, Horizontal & Vertical Lines.
  • Multiple-taxes in Single Invoice.
  • Tax Inclusive / MRP Billing.
  • Point-of-sale (POS) Billing.
  • Mfg.Excise Invoicing.
  • Trading Excise Invoicing.

User Configure Documents

  • Accounting Vouchers.
  • Purchase Invoice.
  • Sales Return / Purchase Return Invoice.
  • Receipt / Payment Advice.
  • Debit / Credit Note.
  • Sales / Purchase order.
  • Delivery Note / Goods Receipt Note.
  • Stock Transfer Mem.

Sales / Purchase Order Processing

  • Pending Sales Orders (Party / Item-wise).
  • Pending Purchase Orders ( Party / Item-wise).
  • Order Cancellation.
  • Invoice / challan Generation from orders.

MFG /Trading Excise

  • PLA Register.
  • RG23A-I Register.
  • RG23A-II Register.
  • Cenvat Return.
  • RG23C-II Register.
  • RG-I Register.
  • Excise Duty Register.
  • ER-1 Return.
  • ER-3 Return.
  • RG-23D Register.
  • Form-2 Register.

VAT Reports

  • VAT Computation / Summary.
  • VAT Invoicing (Tax / Retail).
  • VAT Returns (State-wise).
  • Vat Registers (State-wise).
  • Columnar VAT Registers (Configurable).
  • Party-wise /Item-wise VAT Summary.
  • Party-wise /Item-wise CST Summary.
  • Sales Re-conciliation as per Accounts and VAT.

Service Tax

  • Input Service Tax Register.
  • Output Service Tax Register.
  • Service Tax Summary.
  • ST-3 (service tax return).


  • Data Freezing.
  • FTP Backup and Restore.
  • Pop-up Calculator.
  • Year-wise Data Backup and Restore.
  • Notes / Task Manager.
  • User-definable Access Rights.
  • User-definable warning Alarms.
  • Merging of Accounts /Items.
  • Synchronization of Masters.
  • Data Export /Import (XML / MS-Excel).
  • Reports Export (Plain File / HTML / PDF /MS-Excel).
  • Bills Reference Adjustment Wizard.
  • Batch Deletion of Masters & Vouchers.
  • Voucher Replication.
  • Direct SMS of Print Reports.
  • Direct E-Mail of Reports (Print / Screen).

Fringe Benifit Tax

  • Mark Expenses as FBT.
  • Expense-wise Taxable Value.
  • charge FBT on Account Groups.
  • Fringe Benefit Tax Report.

MIS Reports

  • Cash Flow/ Funds Flow.
  • Budgets /Targets /Credit Limits.
  • Ratio Analysis.
  • Issue / Receipt Analysis.
  • Consumption Analysis.
  • Data Check List.
  • Profitability Reports (Item / Bill /party / batch/ MC-wise).
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis on Various combinations.
  • Multi-Company final results / reports.

TDS Report

  • TDS Calculation.
  • TDS Warning Alarms.
  • TDS Challans.
  • TDS Certificate (Form 16-A).
  • TDS Return (Form 26-Q).
  • Annexures to Form 26-Q.
  • TDS with liS 27-A.
  • TDS Audit Report.
  • TDS Deduction Details Report.
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