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Bike and Scooter Trial System Nepal:

Bikes and Scooter trial has similar kind of trial system expect few. Bike and Scooter has also starting eight shaped field trial. You can enter in eight shaped track from right side and complete one and half round without touching traffic cone poles and also should not touch the ground with your feet. On eight shaped trial, you have to gently apply half clutch and control brake with your mostly left foot only and slightly hand brake as well. If you are have not that much confident, don't apply your hand brake. If you are on scooter, then you have to apply your left hand side half brake and gently apply accelator which is obiously at your right hand side and keep moving slowly. Then exit and move ahead for zebra crossing further. You will see a traffic pole infront of you. Look carefully on traffic signals and move further. If you see green light, move forward, if you see red then stop. If you see orange then it is also go signal. After this you will have to pass through narrow path. Don't get nervous on narrow path and drive slowly. Then you will reach U turn, when you reach U turn, turn on left hand side light and go further, turn off light when you finish U turn.

After U turn, it comes inclined plane, go bit up and stop your bike or scooter in between two lines marked with yellow color. You can touch the ground with either of your left or right foot. Wait for traffic officer signal, once he/she gives signal, you can move ahead. After you complete up inclined plane, then it comes down inclined plane where you have to stop your bike or scooter before the yellow color line. If you touch the yellow color you will be failed. Maintain at least one feet gap between line and your bike. Move down slowly and at last it comes street braker, just ride slowly and move further and get out of driving trial field gently.

training tips

Bike and Scooter trial has same kind of rule as cartrial. Just few things dismilarities, like you don't have to perform T parking trial which is obviously not required for bike trial. If you complete all these process successfully, then you will be eligible to get your bike or scooter driving license depending upon nature of form you have filled for bike or scooter.

Make sure you are perfect enough and confident on your drive before you fill upform for driving license. You would be only eligible to get bike trial only if youpass the written test. Trial will be held on New Baneshwor, Behind Min Bhawantransport office, old trolley bus station. Trial should be held with only Hero Honda Super Splender and Pleasure Scooter and can not use your own vehicle. So you should only learn riding with only respective driving vehicles.

Things To Remember Before You Drive Car

  • Remember to wear your helmet lock properly.
  • Sometimes bike might be on high gears, so check properly and down the gear to one.
  • Remember to turn off the side or head lights if it was turned on alrady.
  • Check everything before you ride.
  • Check everything before you ride. - Bike trial should be held only on gear one. If you increase the gear two or three, you might lose the control over your bike and touches the traffic cone poles resulting you out of trial, means you will be failed.

If you fail to follow the things mentioned above, you will be failed.


Bike and Scooter Trial Test:

Bikes and Scooter trial has similar kind of trial system expect few. Bike and Scooter has also starting eight shaped field trial...


Eight Trial Test:

First step is to pass the eight shaped field whithout touching traffic cone poles. Need to drive slowly and enter inside eight shaped field from left hand side, drive slowly...


Inclined Plane Test:

After Zebra Crossing, Street Breaker and Traffic Light Test, it comes inclined plane test. Slowly move forward on inclined plane, cross the line marked and land the car...


Zebra Crossing, Street Breaker Test:

After you complete the eight trial, then you will have to drive from zebra crossing. When you reach near zebra crossing, there will be a traffic pole...


Learning on Road or inside field?

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