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  • Janaury 05, 2017 ,
  • Makchun Maharjan

Do you think Traffic Rules and Regulation should be added to school stream study?

It is quite a good idea to add traffic rules and regulation informaiton in school level studies especially in 10 grade level. Nepal has overwhelming youth accidents due to lack of proper traffic rules and regulation knowledge or neglecting when they are ride with their friends.Yes there will be written test needs to be passed before apply for driving license trial test. Written test simply means answering questions on traffic rules, regulation and few other questions related to vehicle parts and taxation. However after reaching college level don't have to explain how teens feel about life. While riding specially bikes, when it comes to fuss thinking, accident might take place causing woe condition in their life. After happening unwanted condition like this just thinking a poignant reminder of the passing will be just bitter. If there will be some sort of cumpulsory to study about traffic rules, suitation can be better or can under control before happening anything. It's been five years that Nepal government has set no drunk driving and accident hasbeen under controlled far better than before and traffic authories have been coming up with best ideas to improve or to make it easy to go on the road.

What should be better before applying driving license?

Currently everyone must submit driving training certificate to apply for driving license which is very good that it proves a person has trained fromdriving school. Crfificate will be issued from driving shools once a person successfully get driving training within given training period. Currently certificate is just for practical driving learning not for thoery or written study. Many of the driving schools don't provide theory class, only practical teaching directly on field. It will be a good idea that government should also set a driving license course for a certain period that everone should study compulsorily in driving schools, institutes or training centers to get certificate. That certiface must be also compulsorily submitted to apply to get driving license.

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