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Learning on Road or inside field

It is quite interesting and everyone has their own point of view on learning driving on road directly or on trial field. Many of the driving schoolsdirectly teaches on the road as they have not much space or driving training field. In fact most of the driving shcool's don't have own driving training field in Nepal. There are only only few driving school's have now bit space toteach driving now a days. As we all know Nepal has tight rule to get driving license and one should pass the driving trial exam as per trail parameter set bygovernment. To get car driving license, there are few trial exams like eight trial exam, Zebra Crossing, Traffic Light, Street Braker, U turn, Inclined Plane T Parking exam. Please check all other article written on all these subjects in detail. To get goal on all above mentioned exams of course you have to have enough practice and needs to be perfect.

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Now it comes learning driving directly onroad or inside field. It is quite good that in the begining when you are starting fromzero level, learning inside the training field or in the open traning place is worthy as there won't be any chance of getting accident. Then when you learn a bit and you develop a bit confidence, then you can start learning on street with qualified driving instructor. This way you will have bit of more experience as required. Finally you can try in driving trial field to know yourself wheather your perfect enough or not. Once you feel you are perfect enough, you can filled up the form. You can fill up the form either manually by visiting the Neap Transport Department Office or filling up the form directly from their website online. In context of Nepal, many driving school's teaches directly on the road. Later on they let you try on driving trial field before you apply for the driving license. Bottom line is you have to choose theright driving school, try to know more about the one you are going to choose. As you know from this website you can search the best and nearest driving shcool for you. It is entirely upto you to choose the best and right driving school for you.


Bike and Scooter Trial Test:

Bikes and Scooter trial has similar kind of trial system expect few. Bike and Scooter has also starting eight shaped field trial...


Eight Trial Test:

First step is to pass the eight shaped field whithout touching traffic cone poles. Need to drive slowly and enter inside eight shaped field from left hand side, drive slowly...


Inclined Plane Test:

After Zebra Crossing, Street Breaker and Traffic Light Test, it comes inclined plane test. Slowly move forward on inclined plane, cross the line marked and land the car...


Zebra Crossing, Street Breaker Test:

After you complete the eight trial, then you will have to drive from zebra crossing. When you reach near zebra crossing, there will be a traffic pole...


Learning on Road or inside field?

It is quite interesting and everyone has their own point of view on learning driving on road directly or on trial field. Many of the driving schools directly teaches on the road...