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Car Trial Test System Nepal:

First step is to pass the eight shaped field whithout touching traffic cone poles. Need to drive slowly and enter inside eight shapedfield from left hand side, drive slowly and complete one and half round of eight shaped track. While you are on eight shaped track, apply only half clutch and gently press accelerator. The gear has to be only on one gear, need to remember this.After you complete your one and half round you need to turn on right side light while exiting from the field, then exit slowly and move ahead to U turn.while driving on U turn or when you reach on U turn, turn on left side light and when U turn nearly ends, turn on right side light and when U turn finished, turn off light and move forward to zebra crossing.

training tips

Things To Remember Before You Drive Car

  • Adjust your seat belt as per your comfort so that you can drive easily.
  • Adjust your mirror in such a way that you can see back of you car and both back sides properly.
  • Close the windows properly.
  • Tie your seat belt without bending.
  • Stay calm, don't get nervous, drive slow.
  • Just focus on your drive, don't touch the poles.
  • Don't stop and confuse with traffic whistle for others.
  • Don't round your vehicle more or less than 1 and half round.

If you fail to follow the things mentioned above, you will be failed.

Written test has to be pass to be eligible for car trial. All the car trial should be held on Nepal Traffic Police Baggi Khanna, Ramshah path, kathmandu, Nepal. Car Trial should be held with Aulto car which will be present at trial centre. You can not use any other or your own car. So it is highly recommended to learn with only Aulto car.


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Eight Trial Test:

First step is to pass the eight shaped field whithout touching traffic cone poles. Need to drive slowly and enter inside eight shaped field from left hand side, drive slowly...


Inclined Plane Test:

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Zebra Crossing, Street Breaker Test:

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Learning on Road or inside field?

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