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International Master Card In Nepal

Get International Master Card In Nepal

How to get international MasterCard in Nepal along with physical Master Card in your own name? It is possible through Nepal Web Media.

Nepal Web Media is a company that provides international Master Card regarding withdrawal of money in Nepal or doing online transaction or paying online in any website. It can be happened through gateway of PayPal or any other company who is providing such facilities to Nepal.

PayPal is an international company . It has tied up its business with MasterCard Company. Once PayPal account is created it provides Master Card to its service user. It helps to perform Monetary transactions worldwide but PayPal is not providing its MasterCard in Nepal. So we will provide MasterCard provided by Payoneer company.

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How to get international MasterCard in Nepal

Process regarding obtaining Master Card.

Nepal Media is a company that deal in Master Card provider. There are few steps need to be completed in order to get MasterCard , they are as follows:

  • Visit to the office of Nepal Media, Bagdol, Lalitpur
  • Produce your scanned copy of Citizenship card / Driving license/passport.
  • Payment / official charge regarding MasterCard acquisition is very low. You can also apply for free with the help of link provided below but we cannot guarantee that you will received the card in your hand in time.
  • Provide your correct correspondence address so that card can be delivered to your address.
  • Once above all process is complete , MasterCard/Paypal account of the client is generated. The MasterCard company makes all the preparation to generate MasterCard . It may take 30 to 45 days to get delivery of Master Card to your correspondence address. In Case of Emergency Gautam Company can provide MasterCard within 1-5 Days.
  • Though the Government of Nepal has not given right to any bank account holder of Nepal to perform their core banking transaction beyond the territory of Nepal and India. However Nepal stands almost third most country in entering foreign remittance in the country. The debit card and credit card issued by Nepalese bank clearly states that its service is limited only up to the boundaries of Nepal and India. In such a case International MasterCard plays a vital role to perform international monetary transaction. Here Nepal Media helps you to get international MasterCard detail knowledge.
  • So MasterCard/Paypal is only the best gate way to perform international transactions through MasterCard. Here the company located in Kathmandu helps to get access to MasterCard.
  • MasterCard can either be debit or Credit.
  • In Debit MasterCard you need to deposit the amount of money in your account first and then withdraw is possible. However in Credit MasterCard you need not to deposit first . The only thing is that you spent first and pay later. But we only provides Debit/Prepaid MasterCard to you.
  • MasterCard provided by Nepal Media gives you a facility of Debit Card as well as prepaid Credit Card.
  • MasterCard provided by Nepal Media is valid and can be used worldwide.
  • MasterCard provided by Nepal Media has the name of MasterCard holder engraved in it along with the MasterCard number and its validity period
  • MasterCard provided by Nepal Media is easy and convenient to carry. It is safe because it is operated through Password. In case of loss of MasterCard you can inform to the MasterCard Service provider company to stop the use of card. The operational process regarding blockage of MasterCard works immediately.
  • Service of MasterCard company is faster , convinient , trustful and loyal to the customer. Above all of that it is user friendly Card.
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