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The Agreement

By using our website you are agreeing to our privacy policy so that we can deliver to you the best service. If you do not agree to our privacy policy, please refrain from using our website.

The service

Initially we are going to be a media between the consumers and driving schools till some extend. We will pass out the information upon getting call, inquiries or request regarding driving from consumers and will pass out to the nearest driving school. There will be a direct interaction between the driving school and visitor.


We do not bear any responsibility or take any legal action on any disputes between two parties. We just play a fair role between two parties inorder to establish the connection.

Information Collection

Upon getting enquiry about driving classess or about driving school, we may collect some basic information i.e. Name, address and phone nimber.

Listing Removal

If the any of the driving school do not wish to list their add on our site, upon request we will remove the listing from our website.

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