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T Parking Test System Nepal:

Final test is T Parking Test, once you pass this test, all trialis over, you will be eligible to get driving license. This test is also as importantas other test. When you are on T shaped track, drive slowly straight upto drawn set point maintaining nearly around two feet gap to the right side line drawn with yellow color. Then put down your gear to back, and drive very slowly toback side. Look carefully on your both right, left and back mirror, drive bitslow, it has to look as if the front part of your car is nearly going to touchright hand side traffic cone pole, maintain the gap though and slowly start turning left when you tend to reach near turning then turn full to left hand side steering, slowly again turn the steering on right hand side to maintainthe car position. When you reach to the point where you have to reach or at the given set line, stop the car. Gear up to one, and move forward straight slowly and exit out of T shaped track.

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Bike and Scooter Trial Test:

Bikes and Scooter trial has similar kind of trial system expect few. Bike and Scooter has also starting eight shaped field trial...


Eight Trial Test:

First step is to pass the eight shaped field whithout touching traffic cone poles. Need to drive slowly and enter inside eight shaped field from left hand side, drive slowly...


Inclined Plane Test:

After Zebra Crossing, Street Breaker and Traffic Light Test, it comes inclined plane test. Slowly move forward on inclined plane, cross the line marked and land the car...


Zebra Crossing, Street Breaker Test:

After you complete the eight trial, then you will have to drive from zebra crossing. When you reach near zebra crossing, there will be a traffic pole...


Learning on Road or inside field?

It is quite interesting and everyone has their own point of view on learning driving on road directly or on trial field. Many of the driving schools directly teaches on the road...